I've always dug music and at the age of 19 after dozens of viewings of 'The Kids Are Alright' I used what was left of an athletic scholarship I received from the University of Illinois to buy a cheap left-handed strat copy. That guitar lasted me until the end of the school year when it was ripped off at a gas station in Paxton, Illinois.

I saved up enough money waiting tables to buy a low end Epiphone which I kept until it was ripped off at Chicago's Union Station. A week later I spent an ungodly amount of money (which I didn't really have) on a horrible guitar from La Duca Brothers, a horrible music store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

So after two years I found myself with very little skill and three ugly guitar stories. I shudda quit, but I finally bought a really nice Canadian guitar and managed to hold on to it for the next 12 years. 12 years ago I bought an even nicer Epiphone and I finally decided I was a competent guitar player.

Now I spend way too much time with it but I really dig singing, playing and writing songs.

Original Songs

The Khampas

Ever since 1991 I've been playing with a group of chlorine-soaked former swimmers. We've played a ton of gigs under varioius names, but the current lineup calls ourselves
The Khampas!

All Along the Watchtower!

By The Khampas!

Bhagsunag sung in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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